‘Kelly File’ special ‘Who is Teaching Our Kids’ absolutely frightening!

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Fox News host Megyn Kelly aired a special this week that focused on the liberal bias in America’s education system that results in disturbing lessons playing out in classrooms across the country.

While noting that most teachers are caring professionals, Kelly said there are teachers who “suggest that America is evil, not exceptional … taking political correctness to dangerous places and leaving parents out of the loop and in the dark.”

This behavior is even seen at grade school levels, but Kelly said the bias is at its worse on college campuses, “where far-leftist thinking often dominates and even domestic terrorists are welcome to teach.”

Some practices brought to light are a high school teacher stomping on the American flag, an overemphasis on Islam that resulted in female students being asked to wear burqas and students expected to recite the pledge of allegiance to the Mexican flag.

Perhaps the most disturbing act was six graders in Washington being asked to compare former President George W. Bush to Adolf Hitler, as examples of men who abused their power.

Featuring correspondent Trace Gallagher, the special is an eye-opening report. Watch it here via Fox News:

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Tom Tillison


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