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How ignorant jerks are going to treat good cops now; ‘I’m scared for my life . . .he’s trying to Mike Brown me’

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Michael Brown’s name is being invoked all across the country, and it’s sure to cause more problems for law enforcement officers trying to do their job.

A shopper detained on Black Friday at a Pennsylvania Walmart became unreasonable when asked to prove that he had paid for his merchandise and refused to show his ID, claiming the officer knew who he was.

Watch the disgusting incident unfold here and see if you agree that the man was doing little more than exploiting the death of Michael Brown to save his own hide:

Loud and overbearing, the shopper kept waving a receipt in front of the officer but would not allow him to closely examine it.

The officer, identified in the YouTube video description as Michael Manfredi of the South Strabane Police Department in Washington County, Pennsylvania, remained calm throughout the incident.

Even when the shopper leveled a veiled threat as he brazenly walked out of the store with his merchandise.

“Don’t touch me, I have the right to defend myself,” he said. ” They kill them in Missouri, but not in Pennsylvania you won’t.”

But his theatrics were only beginning.

“My hands are up!” the man begins screamed as Manfredi again tried to look at the receipt. “He’s trying to Mike Brown me!”

Tom Tillison


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