Obama unbelievably uses turkey pardon to gloat about executive amnesty with arrogant, insulting joke

Who didn’t see this one coming?

Rubbing salt in the wounds of legal U.S. citizens and people who celebrated a beautiful and uniquely American holiday Thursday, President Obama used a televised Thanksgiving tradition to gloat about his self-granted powers to do whatever the hell he wants.

As he pardoned the White House turkeys, a tradition said to have officially started with President George H. W. Bush, according to a White House history of the practice, Obama began his remarks with this divisive and insulting remark:

“I’m here to announce what I’m sure will be the most talked about executive action this month.Today I’m taking an action, fully within my legal authority – the same kind of action taken by Republicans and Democrats before me – to spare the lives of two turkeys, Mac and Cheese from a terrible and delicious fate.”

Way to lead a hurting country, Mr. President. Haven’t you divided us enough?

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72 thoughts on “Obama unbelievably uses turkey pardon to gloat about executive amnesty with arrogant, insulting joke

  1. Kamlhj says:

    If anyone succeeds in finding Obeyme guilty under the law, he’ll just make an executive action to pardon himself (the REAL turkey).

  2. Harlan Roberts says:

    His daughters look like they want to escape.

  3. NiteCat says:

    How ghetto…turkeys named Mac & Cheese??? Oh yeah, he’s President to the people…..NOT!

  4. Lt. Wolfe says:

    In related news, more violence by Obama’s sons: sacramento.cbslocal.com/2014/03/17/fairfield-father-accused-of-biting-infants-nose-pleads-not-guilty/

  5. johnanaguski says:

    One turkey pardoning another turkey.

  6. Linda Thompson says:

    He is such an a**wipe !!!

  7. Texas Belle says:

    He will do a lot more “in your face” stuff if he isn’t stopped. He is without shame or a conscience.

  8. Rose Glassez says:

    Well, if one thing is clear, it’s that Obama is very delusional.

  9. RJ K says:

    That is hilariously funny, and completely on target. Stop crying. Shrub had more executive actions that Obama has.

    1. Brian Robinson says:

      I see BO must have also pardoned a sheep as well!

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