CNN investigates autopsy assistant hired by Michael Brown family: Allegedly a ‘fraud’ and ‘a con artist’

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A disturbing report questioning the qualifications of a man who assisted pathologist Dr. Michael Baden with the autopsy of 18-year-old Michael Brown may indicate that you get what you pay for when shopping around for the right forensic experts to bolster your case.

Shawn Parcells, who bills himself as a forensic pathology expert, was hired by the Brown family, but according to an investigation by CNN, he may not be the expert he appears to be.

A deputy sheriff from a previous case took it a step further and called Parcells a “fraud” and a “very good con artist,” the network reported.

Parcells has appeared numerous times on national television to discuss the Brown case, and he agreed to an interview with CNN. When asked to respond to a charge by a funeral home director that he did not show up for an autopsy, Parcells went off.

“Holy shit! Excuse my language, but I’ve got f*cking emails to prove he and I going back and forth and the fact that he ignores me,” he said. “He’s a dick!”

And this was the man the Brown family risked putting on the witness stand?

This is not the first time Parcells’ qualifications have been called into question. The Daily Caller did a report on August 21, more than three months ago, that was critical of Parcells.

Watch the full report here via CNN:

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