Krauthammer: Eric Holder’s Ferguson comments ‘astonishing’

Charles Krauthammer was highly critical of Attorney General Eric Holder on Tuesday, saying his choice of words in response to the rioting in Ferguson, Mo., was “astonishing.”
“It is clear that I think that acts of violence threaten to drown out those who have legitimate voices, legitimate demonstrators, and those acts of violence, cannot and will not be condoned,” Holder said of the criminal activity following a grand jury decision not to indict police officer Darren Wilson in the death of Michael Brown.
In an appearance on Fox News Channel’s “Special Report with Bret Baier,” the Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist noted that Holder’s remarks were in “stark contrast” with the position taken by President Obama.
“I was watching this live and when he said the acts of violence cannot and will not be, I’m waiting for the word tolerated,” Krauthammer said. “He is the attorney general of the United States and he uses the word condoned. Is there anybody who thinks that arson and looting ought to be condoned? I think that is an astonishing statement by an attorney general and then the contrast with the president is very stark.”
“The attorney general condemning the arson and looting by saying it threaten to drowns out legitimate voices,” he continued. “That’s not the reason that this is wrong. It is because it is wrong. It’s an assault on other people. It’s an assault on the law.”
Watch the segment here via Fox News.

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