Awkward: CNN reporter caught by surprise when ‘peaceful protesters’ start embarrassing chant on live TV

A CNN reporter was caught by surprise when demonstrators in New York City suddenly began an embarrassing chant while he was on live TV.

Reporter Miguel Marquez was covering the actions of protesters unhappy with a grand jury’s decision not to charge Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson in the death of Michael Brown.

“This is a very peaceful protest,” Marquez said in the live report. “People are extremely upset though, and as we have gone through the night, the anger, the level of voices has only gotten louder.”

No sooner had he uttered the words than a group suddenly gathered behind him and started chanting, “F**k CNN!”

In what may be the understatement of the year, Marquez quipped: “As you can hear, they don’t exactly love CNN, either.”

The network quickly went back to an embarrassed Anderson Cooper. But as it turned out, Marquez fared better than a fellow CNN reporter in Ferguson.

Protesters in Brown’s hometown got up close and personal with CNN reporter Jason Carroll, saying: “You are promoting a certain narrative!”

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