Obama lectures on ‘rule of law’ over Ferguson unrest, gets laughed off the Internet

As rioters ran loose in Ferguson, Mo., President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder issued their expected appeals for calm and vows to pursue “justice,” but the two men who elevated a routine street confrontation into a racial flashpoint weren’t getting off so easy.

In a statement issued after the grand jury’s decision was announced, Obama acknowledged that “deep distrust exists between law enforcement and communities of color,” but said “there’s never an excuse for violence.”

Holder, meanwhile, the attorney general who launched a civil rights investigation of the Ferguson Police Department before even a fraction of the evidence was heard in the case, issued a statement laughably insisting his investigators still had an open mind about whether racial bias played a role in the Aug. 9 death of Michael Brown during his fight with a police officer.

“And although federal civil rights law imposes a high legal bar in these types of cases, we have resisted forming premature conclusions,” Holder insisted.

Many Americans weren’t buying it.

Even more laughable in Holder’s statement was his request that both sides maintain restraint.

“Those who decide to participate in demonstrations should remember the wishes of Michael Brown’s parents, who have asked that remembrances of their son be conducted peacefully. It does not honor his memory to engage in violence or looting. In the coming days, it will likewise be important for local law enforcement authorities to respect the rights of demonstrators, and deescalate tensions by avoiding excessive displays—and uses—of force.”

The attorney general of the United States apparently considers men and women sworn to uphold the law on an equal basis with masked rioters who loot liquor stores and burn businesses.

They don’t know what the word means.



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