Down-on-his-luck unemployed veteran scores dream acting job with help of ‘Prank it Forward’


Jon Arneson, an unemployed veteran who has had a rough time recently, got a collection of amazing surprises from the shows “Prank It Forward” and “Extra.”

His girlfriend Gabrielle Carmona wrote in to “Prank It Forward,” to tell Arneson’s story.

Jon Arneson
Jon Arneson and his deceased Grandfather.

The veteran just returned home from Iraq has been trying to find a job to no avail. To further complicate his financial and emotional situation his Grandfather who raised him passed after a battle with cancer.

Being faced with the medical and funeral bills for his Grandfather, Arneson sold his beloved motorcycle to help ease the financial burden.

“We were so compelled by Jon’s story,” said “Prank It Forward” host Greg Benson. “We decided to reward him with a life changing experience he’ll never forget.”

Jon Arneson
Jon Arneson and NCIS star Michael Weatherly

At the start of the prank Jon believed he was applying for a job. While waiting to interview for the phony job the first surprise happened. He saw NCIS star Michael Weatherly walk past him. Moments later he was asked to be a stand in for Weatherly on a commercial shoot.

After having makeup applied Arneson shot the commercial. That’s when the second surprise occurred.

Jon Arneson
Pictured: Michael Weatherly, Gabrielle Carmona, Jon Arneson and Mario Lopez.

Jon was asked to watch his shoot to see how it turned out. When the TV turned on First Lady Michelle Obama appeared on the screen and told Arneson the motorcycle was his to keep.

Jon Arneson

Jon Arneson Michelle Obama
First Lady Michelle Obama speaking to Jon Arneson

Jon was then taken to surprise three as he was whisked to the set of “Extra” with host Mario Lopez. On the set Arneson was introduced to Larry Kurzweil, president of Universal Studios Hollywood who informed him that they would be offering him a job at the park in three weeks.

An incredible day for an incredible man.

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