Ferguson Riots
Angry Bald Dude: Black lives DO matter, but so do facts

On Monday night and into the early morning hours Tuesday, we watched as some of Ferguson, Mo., literally burned to the ground. We watched as rioters chanted, […]

Flappy dog
German shepherd’s got talent! Check out his moves to Flo Rida’s song “Low”

Jaxson Rose, this 4-year-old German shepherd from Marion, Ind., feels like dancing when he hears Flo Rida’s “Low.” When the 2007 hit song plays, this dog’s ears […]

London Underground match
Most unusual pingpong match you’ll ever see goes down in London subway

Think ping-pong matches have no place in the London’s subway system? These men are about to change your mind!

Russian cop crash
… And police were instantly on the scene of this crash

Oh, Russian drivers, you really must be more careful. People will start to say bad things about your country and Putin wouldn’t like that, now would he? […]

Seven ways
Must see: Seven ways to compliment the ladies

If you’re a woman with more than a B-cup, you’ve likely had some guy on the street randomly say to you, “nice rack” or “nice melons.” However, […]

Maria Chappelle-Nadal
What’s wrong with this woman? State senator uses term ‘race war’ over and over to incite more unrest

When incidents that touch off unrest and violence erupt we rely on our leaders to call for peace and to be voice of reason and calm. Apparently […]

Atlanta suspends fire chief for writing book with biblical beliefs on homosexuality

The top firefighter in Atlanta and a former appointee of President Obama is off the job without pay and ordered to attend “sensitivity training” because he published […]

What you should know about your new FDA food nanny

On Tuesday, new Food and Drug Administration rules will be issued that will affect chain restaurants, vending machines, movie theaters, grocery stores, coffee shops and pizza joints […]

Virginia man hangs Nazi flag outside home to send Obama a message; neighbors outraged

A Virginia man who identified himself as Dr. William Wheeler hung the Nazi flag outside his home because he wanted to compare President Barack Obama to Adolf […]

Dad Willie moved to tears by Sadie’s perfect performance

Can Sadie bring the Mirrorball Trophy home to Duck Dynasty for Thanksgiving? At the other end of the spectrum from the upheaval in Ferguson, Mo., on Monday, […]

Down-on-his-luck unemployed veteran scores dream acting job with help of ‘Prank it Forward’

Jon Arneson, an unemployed veteran who has had a rough time recently, got a collection of amazing surprises from the shows “Prank It Forward” and “Extra.” His […]

Azealia Banks
Rapper has meltdown over jury decision: ‘I might have to kill one of these crackers in their sleep!’

Award-winning rapper Azealia Banks, famous for hits like “Ice Princess” and “Partition,” had a Twitter meltdown after the Ferguson grand jury decision in the shooting death of […]

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