Washington Post FACT-CHECKS ‘SNL’ skit! ‘Protecting president from mockery is not journalism’

It didn’t take long for “Saturday Night Live’s” brilliant “Schoolhouse Rock” spoof on President Obama’s illegal immigration amnesty Saturday night to draw a reaction from Obama defenders the mainstream media.

The Washington Post actually posted a “fact check” column about the skit and concluded, naturally, that while the legal and constitutional issues are murky, “what matters most for Obama is public opinion. The ‘SNL’ skit, in that sense, doesn’t help him.”

It’s a toothless and silly piece of “journalism,” breaks zero new ground, and comes off mainly as an exercise in Obama ass-coverage, starting with prissy, inane nit-picking over things absolutely no one gives a damn about (“Obama didn’t sign an executive order,” the Post explained. “He is taking executive action.” Seriously?)

But it did make for more laughs, as Twitter users mocked the whole idea of a “fact check” of a comedy skit, the motives behind it, and what other “SNL” skits have escaped those hawk-eyed guardians of the public trust in the mainstream media before.

Do you believe those Coneheads were just wearing costumes?

Maybe it is, in the Age of Obama.

Or maybe the Washington Post was just missing the boat when it didn’t “fact check” all those other “SNL” skits that misled the American public for so many years. Call it the stupidity of the American voter, or whatever.

All joking aside, though.

That’s the New York Times beat.


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