Progressives’ Pentagon poodle Chuck Hagel gets kicked to the White House curb

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, the former senator who groveled his way to Senate approval to lead the Pentagon, then spent two years disgracing both himself and the military he was supposed to serve, is being forced to resign.

According to the New York Times, President Obama asked Hagel to resign Friday as part of an administration shakeup to deal with world crises and a new Republican Senate

The former soldier and senator never really fit in with the Obama clique, according to The Times.

Whatever the case, Mr. Hagel struggled to fit in with Mr. Obama’s close circle and was viewed as never gaining traction in the administration after a bruising confirmation fight among his old Senate colleagues, during which he was criticized for seeming tentative in his responses to sharp questions.

But he tried, carrying the administration’s water on progressive causes like rooting out girlie pinups in the American military worldwide, pushing the president’s agenda on gays in the military, and gearing the United States armed forces to fight the boogie man of climate change.

None of that helped when it came time for him to be thrown under the Obama bus of political necessity.

Couldn’t happen to a more gullible guy.


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