Michael Brown’s dad wears perplexing T-shirt to hand out turkeys

gone too soon

The family of Michael Brown ought to stay out of the T-shirt business – selling them AND wearing them.

Michael Brown Sr. wore this perplexing, grammatically incorrect T-shirt while handing out turkeys in the local community. What message does this send?

Just last month, a family brawl erupted about the sale of T-shirts. According to the police report filed in the case, Pearlie Gordon, Brown Sr.’s mother in law, was selling t-shirts that had the words “Justice for Mike Brown” printed on them. Brown’s mother, Lesley McSpadden, was among the group that rushed to stop the sales and yelled, “you can’t sell this shit.”

Violence and tragedy seems to follow the Brown family in Ferguson, but they persist in making bad decisions.

They can’t spell this shirt, either.

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