‘It’s like a narcotic addiction’; Obama caps off amnesty immigration week by hitting the links in Las Vegas

The man’s timing remains impeccable.

And execrable.

President Obama is already known for hitting the golf course whenever he gets a chance, regardless of the high duties of his office. And a man who had now compunction about heading out to the greens moments after announcing the violent murder of an American citizen back in September would surely have no qualms about showing off his leisure time after committing an act of violence of his own against the domestic security of his country.

So it was with no surprise that Americans watched while the successor to George Washington and Abraham Lincoln (neither of whom were known for their after-hours pursuits) decided to make a weekend of it on the links in Las Vegas Saturday and Sunday, only days after announcing his amnesty for up to 5 million illegal aliens in the country.

(As an added bonus, he got to golf with Derek Jeeter, the recently retired Yankee legend who should be more careful about the company he keeps, with his sterling reputation.)

Nope there was no surprise. Just a fair amount of derision.

Ah, but it’s not all fun and games being president. There are constitutions to sidestep, centuries-old order to upend, and a poisoned political atmosphere to face that will be lingering over the nation’s capitol for the next two years thanks to that executive order Thursday

America can rest easy once again.

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