‘America is not broken — now back off!’ Fox News host blasts Obama pattern of twisted words

Fox News host Eric Bolling pointed out a pattern Saturday that can help translate what President Obama and his minions say into what they actually mean.

“Broken” is  Obamaspeak for things that are “different from how liberal Democrats demand they to be.”

During “A Wake Up, America” commentary segment on Saturday’s “Cashin In,” Bolling noted cases where the administration or its mouthpieces have described things as “broken” – the health care system, gun laws, immigration – and the measures that almost inevitably followed.

“Every time they say they want to fix a broken fill-in-the-blank system, they sidestep the Constitution and change things to favor themselves,” Bolling said.

Obamacare, which passed with no Republican votes in 2010, was meant to fix a “broken” health care system and instead has led to one executive order after another delaying it at the whim of the White House or to suit the political moment. Gun laws, thankfully, have been so far largely immune to Democrat demagoguery at the federal level, thanks to the political activism and commitment of Second Amendment supporters, but not through lack of trying by the president or his henchman Eric Holder in the Justice Department.

And now Obama is changing the immigration system by fiat, because the House of Representatives won’t pass the bill the president peevishly demands.

What’s really needed, Bolling said, is for Obama and his liberal base to “back off.”

“”America is not broken. We don’t need to fix stuff,” he said. “In fact, the only thing broken is the corrupt, crony political system that you and your liberal buddies are setting up.

“”But, we’ve got our eye on you. Beware.”

“Beware” doesn’t need much translation.

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