Sports radio hosts find out they’ve been fired during live broadcast

Finding out you no longer have a job is hard enough. When you find out from someone on Twitter, while you are in the middle of a live radio broadcast, things can get a little uncomfortable – for everyone.

This YouTube post give us a pretty good idea of what this guy felt. Here is the description and post from zbsx:

The employees of Tribune Broadcasting-owned WGWG-LP (87.7FM The Game) in Chicago found out this afternoon that their low-rated sports station was being canceled at the end of 2014. Due to said ratings, no one was particularly surprised, personalities Ben Finfer (left), Alex Quigley (right), and Julie Dicaro (off-screen) were notified by Chicago Tribune media columnist Robert Feder’s Twitter post and related blog post. Naturally, that did not sit too well, and their instant reaction was heard (and seen) live just after 1:00PM CT on “Quigs and Finfer”.

This is a broadcast that is the property of Tribune Broadcasting’s WGWG-LP “87.7 The Game”. This is posted for commentary, criticism, and maybe even entertainment purposes. This is not posted for personal profit.

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