Hilarious ‘Sh%t Southern Women NEVER Say’ video brings out PC police

south wom2The latest in a series of videos produced by the gals at the Southern Women Channel sparked criticism last week, proving that humorless people should stay the hell off the Internet.

The first several videos, dating back to 2012, are episodes of “Sh%t Southern Women Say,” a composite of sayings that will have true Southerners rolling with laughter.

The funny clips go viral each time they’re released. The latest twist is a new hit called “Sh%t Southern Women NEVER Say.

Apparently the PC police attacked the women this time around. The group responded to commenters who were naturally offended by the Christian Southern humor:

Let me be clear that the Southern Women Channel is not making fun of gay people or Jewish people.  Just the opposite. We are pointing out how DIFFICULT it is to grow up gay in the South and how DIFFICULT it can be for a Southern Women to marry a Jewish man. I am married to a Jewish man and many of my very best friends are gay.  So sorry if we offended…that was not the intention.

As a transplanted New England girl, schooled in both Southern charm and New England class, these videos crack me up. Watch the latest:

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Michele Kirk


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