‘Truth inducing drugs?’ Carney tells CNN, Obama ‘literally’ just did what he previously called unconstitutional

Jay Carney admitted on CNN that his old boss just did what POTUS previously called unconstitutional, prompting one person to wonder what drugs the former White House spokesman was taking Friday morning.

Host Anderson Cooper played a video for Carney showing the many times the president plainly said he couldn’t do what he just did in terms of an executive decree of amnesty.

He asked Carney “What has changed that allows him to do this?”

“I think if he could have those words back, especially the first clip where he specifically talked about suspending deportations, that is literally what he is doing today. In later instances including when I was there he would speak carefully about what he could not do as president. He can’t change the law. He can’t provide a path to citizenship,” said Carney.

The weekly standard tweeted out the clip and the Twittersphere promptly responded to the shocking admission.

Carmine Sabia


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