NYU to offer financial aid to illegal immigrants: ‘Where’s the policy for middle-class American kids?’

New York University just slapped hard working, legal citizen students in the face by announcing a special scholarship strictly for illegal immigrant students that live in New York.

The move comes hot on the heels of President Obama’s announcement Thursday of his executive action to “fundamentally change” the immigration system.

NYU Campus
Photo courtesy of NYU.edu.

“Whether the next Einstein is documented or not shouldn’t matter” when it comes to access to college, NYU President John Sexton told the Wall Street Journal.

NYU’s new policy has been applauded by amnesty advocates but has angered many who see it as unfair.

“Where’s the policy for middle-class American kids who can’t afford college? How about NYU helps the people who have supported them over the years,” Natalie Leonarda, a 1983 graduate of NYU told the Journal. “Not the people who walked over the border one day.”

One comment on NYU’s Facebook page read “Where was the money when it took me 6 years to work and earn my degree?”

“So glad I spent forever repaying the student loans I racked up at NYU so people who break the law could go to NYU for free,” wrote another. “Please stop sending your requests for donations.”

Earlier this year the New York State legislature failed to pass a bill called the “Dream Act” which would have offered illegal immigrant children special financial aid not available to citizens. Lobbyists are currently petitioning NY Governor Andrew Cuomo to, like his friend Obama, go around the legislature and include a similar measure in the next state budget.

Who said crime doesn’t pay?

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