House GOP files lawsuit against Obama; Pelosi has history with lead attorney

None too impressed, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi dismissed Georgetown Law School constitutional scholar Jonathan Turley as “a TV lawyer” this week while responding to the news that the law professor was brought on as lead counsel in a GOP lawsuit against President Obama.

House Republicans filed a lawsuit Friday accusing the president of overstepping his executive authority — sound familiar — when implementing Obamacare.

Before the ink could dry on the documents,  Democrats had already turned it into a fundraiser:

Turley describes himself as a liberal and says he voted for Obama in 2008, and even accused the Bush administration of committing war crimes, but that doesn’t appear to cut it with Pelosi.

As it turns out, Turley has experience in suing Obama, heading up a bipartisan congressional effort to sue the president in 2011 over his intervention in Libya.

And he and Pelosi have a negative history, with Turley being critical of then-Speaker Pelosi for not moving ahead with an impeachment investigation against Bush.

Naturally, all of the sordid details of the Pelosi-Hurley relationship found their way to social media, as seen on Twitter:

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Tom Tillison


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