‘Chumps’: Krauthammer responds to Emperor Obama’s immigration speech

Charles Krauthammer denounced President Obama’s overreaching decision on immigration, saying the plan is “an invitation for anybody to come across the border and to know that ultimately they will be legalized.”

“I find the president’s audacity here rather remarkable,” Krauthammer said.

The Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist joined Fox News host Bill O’Reilly following the president’s remarks to the nation, and said Obama more or less told those who are waiting to get into the U.S. legally that “they are chumps.”

“If he feels so strongly about this, and scripture dictates that this ought to be done, why did he do nothing about this in 2009, in 2010, when he had control of the White House, the House and the Senate, and he could actually have done this constitutionally by passing legislation?” Krauthammer asked.

The Wall Street Journal conducted a poll on Thursday to gauge the reaction of the American people. Here are the results reported by the Fox News channel:


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