Video outrage: Campus libs who ignore Islamic killers still despise Israel


It’s hard to imagine a more disheartening display of how radical college campuses have become in America than a recent social experiment at the University of California-Berkeley.

Filmmaker Ami Horowitz first showed up on the busy campus waving an Islamic State flag, and then an Israeli flag. The difference in reactions from students was striking.

While waving the Islamic State flag, Horowitz made supportive comments about the militant group that is slaughtering thousands in Syria and Iraq.

The only response his actions drew, other than an occasional glance, was a hearty “good luck” from one student and an affirmative nod of the head from another when he said, “American imperialism is responsible for death all around the world.”

It is only when Horowitz lit a cigarette that a student steps up to tell him there is no smoking on campus, saying “they will cite you.”

He then broke out the Israeli flag, making critical statements about Hamas and was met right away with angry responses. A few examples:

“Israel is a thief in the night.”

“F*k Israel.”

“All of Israel are killers.”

And on and on it went. Yes, it is Berkeley, but the outcome is as good a sign as there may be that our college campuses have become little more than breeding grounds for far-left, subversive anti-American thought.

Watch the YouTube video here and see if you agree:

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Tom Tillison


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