Obama won’t ask networks to air amnesty-for-illegals speech; will love it on the Latin Grammys though

He’s going to legalize millions of illegal immigrants. And do it for the Latin Grammys.

President Obama is set to deliver a prime-time speech Thursday night that’s likely to poison the final two years of his presidency, upend the demographics and immigration policies of the country for decades to come, and have the immediate impact of welcoming up to 5 million illegal aliens into the legal world of American society.

But the White House didn’t even ask America’s Big Three networks to broadcast the speech live, even though such requests are virtually always granted, CNN reported.

Obama wants the Spanish speakers to hear it first.

The official line is that executives at ABC, CBS and NBC appeared cool to the idea of cutting into prime-time broadcasting for a presidential speech, CNN reported, so the White House held back from making a formal request.

The Spanish-language channel Univision, however, will be cutting into its mega-draw Latin Grammys to air the speech translated into Spanish, according to CNN. (Some cable networks, such as CNN, will also be carrying the speech live.)

In a Politico report, a “senior administration official” even tried to blame the networks for not begging enough, apparently.

“So the administration did not send out a formal request to the networks and took to Facebook to publicize the speech with a special video message from Obama along with a link to the livestream,” Politico reported.

This is hogwash.

If the president really wanted to address American audiences in primetime broadcast on network television, he could have at least asked. If the networks balked at Thursday because it’s a premium night, he could do it on Friday – the graveyard of television.

He could have done it on Monday before Monday Night Football (or at half-time, and give Bob Costas a break from using it for liberal rants.) He could have done it Tuesday or Wednesday, too.

He could even have waited until next week for an issue that – six years into his presidency – suddenly can’t be put off.

But that would mean missing the Latin Grammys. And what American president could resist that?

The Twitter world isn’t fooled.

Don’t worry, though, there will be plenty of time to clean up afterward.

You think so?

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