St. Louis mayor caves to rioters pre-riot demands; ‘free rein’ for Ferguson protesters

The inmates will be running the asylum.

Surrendering early to the inevitable protests that will greet the grand jury’s decision if it produces no indictment in the Michael Brown shooting case, St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay has agreed in advance to obey many of the pre-riot demands already presented to the city by people hellbent on violence, according to a report on

The protestors call them “rules of engagement.  And, according to Twitchy:

Slay wrote that “we will honor safe houses, and will consider churches to be sanctuaries.” Protesters had demanded the establishment of protester safe houses that “shall be considered sacred ground and only entered by police when called upon on when extremely necessary.”

Slay also told aldermen that “we do not want to appear to militarize our response … so our officers will start by wearing their normal uniforms.” The mayor had no specific response to the demand that police be more tolerant of “more minor lawbreaking (such as thrown water bottles).”

Slay also conceded to the allowance of protesters to occupy public spaces on a case-by-case basis, that occurred over the weekend.

This is the kind of madness only an anarchist could love. With a spineless political structure already surrendering, officers will be unsure of the limits of their authority (possibly seeing themselves as the next Darren Wilson), demonstrators will be emboldened (fantasizing themselves as the next Michael Brown?), and the preening morally superior will get their self-validation — and TV facetime — by providing “safe houses” to criminals to rest between crimes. What could go wrong? As conservative commentator and author Dana Loesch put it, the abdication of responsibility is going to have consequences.  

Her followers (and other sane people) agreed.  

Lord have mercy, indeed. But as they say in the old country, “pray to God, but plant cabbages.”  





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