Principal who conducted extreme shooting drill – cops busting into classes with guns – gets suspended

A Florida school district on Tuesday suspended a middle school principal while it investigates how she conducted a drill with local police last week that included armed officers bursting into classrooms and pointing guns at students.

OK, so it was a drill – but neither the frightened students nor their panicked parents knew that.Watch this report by Aaron Mesmer of Fox 13 News.

The scene took place at Jewett Middle Academy Magnet School in Winter Haven when police held an “active shooter drill” at the school – flooding the school with officers and locking down the campus without prior notice to anyone.

Scared kids did what scared kids do. They reached out to their parents in the only way they could — electronically.

One frightened mom, Stacy Ray, told the station, “I’m panicking because I’m thinking that a legitimate shooter is coming, that something bad is happening at the school.” Ray also received frightened text messages from her other children, including one that read, “I thought he was going to shoot me.”

As indicated in the Fox report, other schools that conduct this specific type of drill do so when children are not in attendance, such as summer or school holidays.

Something for Principal Jacquelyn Moore to think about during her suspension.

FOX 13 News

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