In a ‘slap in the face’ to cops, Holder removes death penalty from 4 alleged cop killers


Critics have charged that outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder oversees the most political and race oriented Justice Department in U.S. history, and his decision to take the death penalty off the table for four people charged with killing a reserve Virginia police officer further reinforces that belief.

Officer Kevin Quick was murdered on Feb. 1 on his way to see his girlfriend, according to Fox News’ Trace Gallagher, who appeared Tuesday on “The Kelly File.”

“Police say he was carjacked, kidnapped, taken from bank to bank to withdraw money using his debit card before being shot to death,” he reported. “Captain Quick’s body was found six days later in a wooded area.”

Gallagher said Holder offered no explanation as to why he removed the option of the death penalty, but the decision is not sitting well with friends of the slain officer.

“It’s a slap in the face to the entire law enforcement community,” said Rodney Soulsby, a former police officer who knew Quick.

Soulsby appeared Wednesday on “Fox and Friends,” and added: “Taking the death penalty off the table seems unjust and seems unfair. Right now, it seems like the worst penalty these four can face is a warm bed everyday, three meals and cable TV for the rest of their lives.”

Fox News reported on the four individuals charged in Quick’s death:

The suspects – three siblings and a fourth man – reportedly belong to a gang called “the 99 Goon Syndicate,” an off-shoot of the Bloods, and they committed the murder to move up in the gang ranks, according to the charging document.

As for the politics, Gallagher reported that Holder’s Justice Department has authorized the death penalty in only 27 cases out of 1,236 cases brought before it through 2013 that were eligible.

What his full exchange with host Megyn Kelly here via Fox News:

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