Rand Paul to ask for investigation on Gruber; he’s a ‘disgrace,’ should return any money he was paid

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is threatening to take President Obama to court as the “only recourse” to combat his executive amnesty plan.

Appearing on the Fox News “Hannity” program on Monday, Paul said court precedent is against the president.

“There’s a famous Supreme Court case, Youngstown Steel, where the Supreme Court actually overturned an executive order and said that the president cannot expressly do something that Congress is telling them not to do,” Paul said.

“I think with regard to immigration reform he’s doing something that Congress has not instructed him to do, and in fact has instructed him otherwise, so, I think the Supreme Court would strike it down. That takes a while, but that may be the only recourse short of a new president.”

Paul also said fiscal options were on the table.

“What I’ve been proposing is that we take the appropriations process, not a continuing resolution or an omnibus bill…we can get rid of waste, we can reign in Obamacare, we can reign in executive orders on immigration through the immigration process, I mean through the appropriation process,” Paul said.

The senator also gave his take on the Jonathan Gruber situation saying he wants Gruber to give back the money he was paid by the government. He also said he wants to have an investigation done by the Investigator General to determine how much Gruber was actually paid and by whom.

If this is a sign of the next two years for Obama with a Republican Congress it looks like he is going to have to finally start answering for himself.

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Carmine Sabia


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