PETA’s not talking; accused of snatching pet dog from porch, killing it, returning with an apology fruit basket

PETA may claim to treat animals well, but a Virginia man says the group is CRUEL to humans.

According to, Maya the chihuahua disappeared from a family’s home in Accomack County, Va. The saddened family searched the area when the dad, Wilbur Cerate, had the idea to check his security camera. He couldn’t believe what he saw. played the video, which appears to show a van with “PETA” written on it, backing into Cerate’s driveway. One woman left the van, apparently walking into Cerate’s front porch and returning with Maya under her arm. Maya was placed in the back of the van and it drove away. And it gets worse.

After seeing the security video, Cerate claims he tried to call PETA. Two women from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals showed up at his house a couple of days later, according to Cerate, “to negotiate about Maya.” There wasn’t much to negotiate, Cerate said, since the PETA representatives broke the news that Maya had already been euthanized. PETA apparently hoped the fruit basket they brought with them would somehow make up for killing the beloved family pet. Of course, it did not.

Cerate’s young daughter was, understandably, very distraught and Cerate was angry. He said:

“I was angry. I understand they pick up my dog, if it was in a tree or another place, but this is in my house. We don’t have an answer about why””

PETA was charged with larceny by the Accomack County sheriff. However, the local commonwealth’s attorney did not believe there was enough evidence of criminal intent to prosecute and dropped the charges.

Locals are up in arms. and 10 On Your Side have joined the cause to make both PETA and the Commonwealth accountable but their calls have not been returned.

The devastation visited on the Cerate family cannot be undone, but the silent treatment from PETA is simply uncalled for.

“When an aggressive, unsocialized dog has been left to starve at the end of a chain with a collar grown into his neck and his body racked with mange, PETA will spare him from dying slowly and miserably in someone’s backyard.”

Lonnie K. Martens


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