Brilliant student group uses ‘Hunger Games’ movie premiere to slam Obamacare


TP Healthcare

A national student group aimed at the Democrat-dominated youth vote is trying to use one of the biggest young-adult novels and movie in years to turn popular culture against the supposed “populism” of Obamacare.

The group, Turning Point USA, has published “The Health Care Games,” a look at the dystopian side of Obamacare economics with a title taken from the “Hunger Games” franchise – the wildly popular novel for young adults that became a movie sensation in 2012.

With the movie franchise next installment due out Nov. 21, as well as a new season of Obamacare beginning Nov. 15, it was a good time to bring out the book said Charlie Kirk, founder and executive director of Turning Point USA.

Using the “Hunger Games” as a hook seemed a logical way to reach coveted millennial voters who were reading the books as high schoolers.

“We felt if we could successfully bridge a deeper public policy argument against Obamacare and connect it with a widely popular novel and movie, “The Hunger Games,” we could connect with millennials in way that they would understand and message in a way they could relate to,” Kirk said.

“Just like the left has been doing for so long.”

For more information on Turning Point USA or to get active on campuses all over the country, click here.


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