Audio: Bill Cosby jokes about drugging women in old comedy routine

As the simmering stories about rape accusations against comic legend Bill Cosby continue to draw attention, critics of the comedian are sifting through his past recordings for evidence Cosby has shown a bent toward drugging women to make them vulnerable to sexual assault.

Among the latest findings? Alan Scherstuhl, a writer for the leftist Village Voice in New York, managed to dig up a comedy album Cosby released in 1969 called “It’s True, It’s True,” that contains a Cosby routine joking about teenage boys’ fascination with the mythical “Spanish fly.”

Scherstuhl calls the bit “chilling” in light of theallegations and seems especially uneasy about the audience’s “easy laughter.” He says it “suggests that Cosby was able to put over his fantasy of women stripped of their ability to say no as something near universal.”

Or it could be that Cosby “put over his fantasy” as a joke, because making jokes about things was his job.

A comedy bit or a veiled confession that just happened to be recorded live at Harrah’s in Lake Tahoe in front of a packed house?

Listen to the whole thing here.

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