Video: ‘Scumbag’ Saints fan ‘steals’ football from woman

Cincinnati Bengals tight end Jermaine Gresham decided to celebrate a touchdown by giving a female fan in the front row a gift: The football he just scored with.

The Saints fan sitting next to her had other ideas, jumping in front of the woman and snatching the ball in mid-air.

Fan Steals Football

Although Gresham pointed to the woman,  identified by the Cincinnati Enquirer as Christa Barrett, to tell the man it was meant for her, the selfish fan refused to give it back.

Fan Steals Football

‘It’s very simple, I caught the football,’ the fan, identified as Tony Williams, told the Cincinnati Enquirer.

So chivalry might be dead, but public relations teams aren’t.

The Saints organization made sure Barrett got a ball during the game.

Christa Barrett
Fan, Christa Barrett, given a football by the Bengals organization.

Twitter users didn’t hold back, calling the jerk a whole bunch of unpleasant things – including “scumbag,” which pretty much covers it.

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