Navy veteran FIRED after posting pictures of mass government DHS vehicles parked at hotel near Ferguson

A Navy veteran was fired from his job and threatened with arrest after posting photos of what appeared to be Department of Homeland Security vehicles massing for potential riots in Ferguson, Mo.

Post by Mark Paffrath.

Post by Mark Paffrath.

According to Argus Streaming News, 28-year-old Mark Paffrath was leaving his job Thursday at the Drury Plaza Hotel in Chesterfield, Mo. – about 25 miles from Ferguson – when he noticed the vehicles in the hotel parking lot.

He posted pictures and video of the vehicles on his Facebook page with the hashtags #Ferguson #NoJusticeNoPeace.

The decision had some unintended consequences.

Shortly after he arrived for work Friday, Paffrath was called into the office, where Manager Jeff Barker demanded he remove the photos and video immediately. Paffrath obliged and finished his shift.

It wasn’t over yet.

A half-hour into Paffrath’s shift on Saturday, the director of security for Drury Hotels Co., Jim Bohnert, informed Paffrath he was terminated, Argus Streaming News reported.

Boehnert claimed the pictures and video had almost cost the company a $150,000 contract with the Department of Homeland Security.

As if firing him wasn’t enough, Behnert berated Paffrath, calling him a terrorist and saying, “if you repost the photos and video you will have the federal government knocking on your door and you will be incarcerated.”

Christopher Gagne, who reported on the story for ASN, found that Bohnert was formerly an Assistant Special Agent In-Charge for the United States Secret Service from March 1991 to October 2011 and a St. Louis police officer before that.

Interesting that he just happens to be the head of security for a hotel housing hundreds of DHS agents near Ferguson.

So much for transparency.

Carmine Sabia


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