CNBC’s sickening response to Fox Business anchor revealing how her ex-bosses ‘silenced’ her

Does the “C” in CNBC stand for “corruption?”

Judging by the way the network responded to former reporter Melissa Francis’s statement on Friday that she was censored for trying to inform viewers about the faulty math behind Obamacare, it just might.

According to Francis, CNBC tried to silence her coverage of the Obamacare disaster by telling her she was “disrespecting the office of the president.”

(During the Bush presidency, most mainstreamers would have called that part of the job description.)

Trying to censor a reporter for reporting the truth is one thing. CNBC’s response to Francis’s accusation was even worse: Condescending mockery.

According to the New York Post, a network spokesman called Francis’s deadly serious charges a joke.

“That’s laughable,” the spokesman said, “but we take notice, because as the fastest-growing network in prime time, we’re always on the lookout for high quality comedy writers and actresses.”

Funny. A supposedly independent business network is accused by a respected reporter of trying to silence her in obedience to the dictates of a corrupt government and it laughs it off as a bad joke?

Really, really funny.

UPDATE: Francis was interviewed by Howard Kurtz on Fox on Sunday, where she called the CNBC response unbelievable.

“It was so glib, I don’t even know what point they’re trying to make,” she said.

But she repeated her charge that a network supposedly devoted to business news had helped cover up the fallacies behind Obamacare solely in service to a Democrat administration. When Kurtz asked why she would not name names, she said it was the culture of the network that was the problem, not an individual.

“I think it was pervasive across the network,” she said. “To pin this on an individual would allow them to scapegoat one person.”

Check out her interview Sunday here:

Watch her tell her story on Friday here:

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