Chuck Todd has date night with HHS secretary, then takes aggressions out on Bobby Jindal

“Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd’s interview with Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell came off more like a Saturday night date than a Sunday morning news program. Todd sympathetically – almost apologetically — asking Burwell for an official response to the videos of Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber bragging about the lies that made the odious law’s passage possible.

As the blogger “soopermexican”points out on The Right Scoop, the difference between Todd’s treatment of Burwell and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal couldn’t have been starker.

With Todd’s nodding encouragement, Burwell rambled over Obamacare talking points and buzz words – “$11 billion” here, “window shopping” there – without ever addressing the substance of what Gruber betrayed.

The only thing missing after the Todd’s husky “thank you, Madame Secretary,” and Burwell’s whispered, “thank you,” was the violin.

And the kiss.

Things were a little rougher when Todd interviewed Jindal a few minutes (and a cold shower?) later.

The “shut down the government” trap was apparently the theme for Sunday’s talk show hosts shows, Todd was clearly riled when Jindal refused to play along.

One of the brightest rising stars of the Republican Party, Jindal made it clear that the executive orders on immigration Obama is threatening are unconstitutional; whatever fight takes place because of it will be the president’s responsibility.

“You’re twisting my question,” Todd whined.

Actually, he was answering it.

Even for lib reporters, it’s not all champagne and roses.

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