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Surprise! ‘Hopelessly out of touch’ Obama says he just heard about ‘stupid American voter’ videos

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Perhaps proving he does believe we are stupid, President Obama said he “just heard about” the controversy swirling around Jonathan Gruber, who is widely seen as the architect of Obamacare.

A number of videos have surfaced of Gruber saying the Obama administration relied on the “stupidity of the American voter” to pass the Affordable Care Act.

During a news conference Saturday in Brisbane, Australia, Fox News White House correspondent Ed Henry referenced Gruber and asked the president if he misled Americans to pass the health care law.

“No. I did not,” Obama said. “I just heard about this — I get well briefed before I come out here.”

Taking a cue from House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, he dismissed Gruber as “some adviser who never worked on our staff,” and said he disagreed with Gruber’s assessment. Showing there are few limits to his chutzpah, Obama then reminded uninsured Americans the second phase of open enrollment of Obamacare is now underway.

Video of Obama saying he just heard about Gruber’s remarks prompting more than a few responses on social media. Here are a sampling as seen on Twitter:

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