Fox’s Eric Bolling calls out MSM libs, comic Stewart as the gang from ‘Bullcrap Canyon’

Fox News’ Eric Bolling has been on a roll lately, and he kept up the pressure on Saturday, using a commentary segment on the “Cashin’ In” program to call out the mainstream media for its slavish loyalty to the Obama administration.

The particular target Bolling had in mind was Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart – a guy who’s been in the news lately as much for his move into the movies as his late-night comedy. But Bolling made it clear that mainstreamers as a whole – and that includes spastic-lib “entertainers” like Stewart – should be apologizing to the American people.

In his “Wake Up America” piece, Bolling cited the numerous Democrat denials about now-infamous MIT professor Jonathan Gruber and his wildly circulated comments last week bragging about the duplicity of Obamacare supporters, how the law was manipulated and deceptively presented to get it passed, and how the relied on the “stupidity of the American voter” to pull the wool over the country’s eyes.

A free press that valued its freedom would have been working to expose the duplicities since January 2009, but the American media, Obama-besotted, self-important and increasingly pathetic, chose instead to cover for the dominant party at the time.

Tellingly, after documenting how false the Democrat denials about Gruber are now, Bolling dismissed them with a simple sentence. Then he damned the supposedly independent media.

“They’re Democrats, that’s what they do,” Bolling said. “Funny thing is, however, the media called us liars.”

And chief among those trying to call out Republicans was Stewart, who used his “Daily Show” platform to accuse Republicans of opposing Obamacare deliberately deceiving. Bolling played video from a September 2012 “Daily Show” where the comic called Obamacare opposition “chaos on Bull**** Mountain.” (Remember, that was the height of the Obama re-election campaign, and bootlickers like Stewart were playing a key role in getting the youth vote to support the president.)

Bolling was having none of it — then or now.

“You want bullcrap? It’s you, Jon Stewart, and the liberal mainstream media,” he said Saturday. “You’re all purveyors of the Democrats’ bullcrap. How about you man up, Stewart, and admit you were ‘Grubered’ into selling that Obamacare bullcrap?”

“You want to call us Bullcrap Mountain? Go ahead. But in hindsight, we were right. And you? I’d call yours ‘Grand Bullcrap Canyon.'”

So, the libs don’t really live in a Beltway echo chamber. That just comes with the territory when you’re stuck in “Bullcrap Canyon.”


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