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Precocious 3-year-old girl hated to see Santa eating breakfast alone

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Santa Claus

With Thanksgiving still weeks away, many Americans may not be ready for Christmas.

Three-year-old Gracie Lynn would be an exception.

While having breakfast with her mom in an Evansville, Ind., Bob Evans restaurant, Gracie spotted Santa Claus eating alone in a nearby booth and asked him if she could keep him company.

Gracie’s mom, Lindsey Wilson, sent a picture of their meeting to local TV station, WFIE, which posted it to Facebook on Wednesday.

Since then, the photo has garnered almost 60,000 likes.

Wilson told WFIE that Gracie and Santa talked “like they’d known each other for years.”

Though Gracie asked Santa if she could live with him and Mrs. Claus, she did not ask for presents, her mother told WFIE. All she wanted for Christmas was to meet her baby brother, James, who is due in early December.

It is unclear what Kris Kringle was doing away from his workshop, and why his wife had not fixed him breakfast before he left the North Pole.

Watch the WFIE video here:


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