Newly released radio calls give detailed timeline of Michael Brown shooting; less than 90 seconds . . .

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While the fallout continues to this very day, the fateful encounter between Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson and 18-year-old Michael Brown lasted less than 90 seconds.

Between interviews and police and EMS records obtained through Missouri’s Sunshine Law, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch has put together a detailed timeline of events that led to the death of the unarmed teenager.

The Post-Dispatch also obtained police station surveillance videos that offer a rare glimpse of Wilson, and show that he returned to the station before going to the hospital two hours later.

He was accompanied by other officers and a union lawyer, according to the newspaper.

The first call of a “stealing in progress” came in at 11:53 a.m. on Aug. 9. After completing an earlier call about a sick baby, Wilson radioed in at noon that he was back in service and asked if help was needed on the robbery call.

At 12:02 p.m., Wilson radioed that he was “with two” on Canfield Drive — where the encounter took place — and requested another car.

Wilson has told authorities that he radioed in, “Shots fired, send all cars,” after fighting with Brown inside his patrol car, but the channel on his radio had been changed during the struggle, according to the Post-Dispatch.

One minute later, at 12:03 p.m., an eyewitness posted on Twitter:

The Post-Dispatch reported that “Brown was killed less than 61 seconds after the dispatcher acknowledged that Wilson had stopped two men,” if the time on Twitter matched the clock on dispatch records.

The timeline picks it from there:

At one minute, 13 seconds after Wilson’s call, an unidentified officer has arrived and asks, “Where’s the other one?” referring to Johnson.

Eleven seconds later, there’s a brief burst of static and an unintelligible bit of speech. A dispatcher responds, “10-4 on Canfield.”

Twenty seconds later, unit 25 called in to ask if the dispatcher could send a supervisor to Canfield and Copper Creek Court.

At 12:05, a dispatcher called for an ambulance, erroneously reporting that someone had been hit with a Taser.

By 12:07 p.m., a woman wailed in the background as an officer called over his radio: “Get us several more units over here. There’s gonna be a problem.”

This is surveillance of  Wilson leaving for the hospital and arriving back at the station. The SLD posted it it to add to the timeline of events.

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