CNN displays disclaimer warning before playing national anthem; forced to react after backlash

CNN adds credence to the old saying that if you stick around long enough, you are certain to see just about everything — including a disclaimer warning that you’re about to hear the “Star Spangled Banner.

The network did one of those heartwarming stories about a member of the U.S. military returning from a deployment to surprise family, “Sailor mom surprises daughter at school.”

According to The Daily Caller, just before the presentation begins, a warning message appeared that stated: “Please be advised you are about to hear an excerpt of the national anthem.”

The touching story depicts a room full of elementary school students waving flags and singing the national anthem at a school program to honor veterans.


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Well, the network offered a plausible excuse — it was a rogue employee!

A CNN spokesman told The Daily Caller the disclaimer was a mistake, saying an employee reacted to a company policy that only allows the national anthem to be played in full and inserted the notice because only part of the song was played in the video.

Meaning it had nothing to do with the substance of the song, The Daily Caller reported.

“The graphic was included in error and has been removed,” the spokesman said. “The video remains on the site.”

For CNN to stumble on a story such as this is like blowing a layup. Then again, there’s a reason the network is ratings-challenged.

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12 thoughts on “CNN displays disclaimer warning before playing national anthem; forced to react after backlash

  1. ooddballz says:


  2. Ed Richardson says:

    Who are these people? Embarassing beyond belief,and I’ll believe most anything of a libtard.

  3. Pookaloo says:

    Words escape me.

    But then again, this is CNN we’re talking about.

  4. politicalgrandma says:

    So the Communist News Network now warns Americans that we are about to ear our National Anthem? Well, they did not warn me. I haven’t wasted a stop by there in a long time.

    1. politicalgrandma says:

      I know the “h” is missing.

    2. I’m as patriotic as the next guy, and generally dislike CNN, but read the article. They were trying to be sensitive, because only playing part of the anthem then abruptly cutting it off could also be seen as unpatriotic. That said, the wording is pretty ridiculous.

  5. Anthony Quatroni says:

    If the “people” over at CNN had their way, Americans would be reduced to slaves and all the immigrants, muslims and criminals would be living in mansions. CNN is a joke. They have a “Comments” section, but as soon as you post something that doesn’t fit their agenda, they ban you.

  6. gutz22 says:

    This is Barry The Bathhouse punk’s America.

  7. Doug says:

    This is baloney. No network is going to be that stupid. I buy the rogue employee story.

    1. Jeff Simon says:

      It is always “rogue employees” when they get caught and called on it. Editing 911 tapes, cutting out a reference to God in the pledge of alliegance, adding apologetic disclaimers in case a non American is offended by an a American broadcast… it is always a “Rogue Employee”.

      Surely you’ve noticed that trend.

  8. Phil Gwinn says:

    Really? This is news? C’mon. Please step it up and report on real things of substance.

  9. Robert Beers says:

    The only decent show on CNN is Mike Rowe’s Somebody’s Gotta Do It. Other than that hour everything else is wasted air time.

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