‘Absolute crap?’ Obama to Australian prime minister – eat it, mate, I’m the king!

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From the G-20 summit Friday, President Obama launched his latest F-U to his conservative critics in the U.S. and to his Australian host.

A twofer – he must have been stoked.

The president pledged to spend 3 billion dollars of our money on climate change programs for other nations, rubbing the high sum in the face of  Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, who is hosting the summit and is a strong believer that climate science is “absolute crap.” 

The generous amount took policy watchers by surprise, according to Reuters, which reported that it “doubles what other countries had previously pledged ahead of a Nov. 20 deadline.”

“Along with other nations that have pledged support, we’ll help vulnerable communities with early-warning systems, stronger defenses against storm surges, and climate-resilient infrastructure,” Obama said.

“We’ll help farmers plant more durable crops. We’ll help developing economies reduce their carbon pollution and invest in clean energy.”

The timing of the announcement and tone of the remarks has experts saying it was a strategic move to put pressure on Abbott.

“The incredible natural glory of the Great Barrier Reef is threatened,” Obama lectured. “Worldwide this past summer was the hottest on record. No nation is immune and every nation has a responsibility to do its part.”

Tim Costello, the head of World Vision Australia and the C20, or Civil Society 20, told Reuters, “When most nations are saying we have to finance climate change responses, whatever Australia desires, it has to agree or it risks looking like the spoiler at what should be Australia’s moment.”

“It could have a domino effect on all other contributions,” Hela Cheikhrouhou, executive director of the fund said.

The move comes after Obama announced a climate deal with China earlier this week.

Not surprisingly, it wasn’t enough for the socialist left. Friends of the Earth said the amount “falls magnitudes below what is actually needed by developing countries,” according to Reuters.

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