School Mural
Parents irate when school replaces murals of Einstein and Mother Teresa with Oprah and Obama

Parents of some Michigan elementary school students are irate over changes to the school’s “Hall of Heroes.” South Arbor Charter Academy changed the 11-year-old mural by replacing […]

Outrage builds over NY town’s plan to confiscate legally owned guns days after owners die

A major U.S. city is taking the expression, “from my cold, dead hands,” literally. Buffalo, N.Y., police unveiled a plan to confiscate legally owned guns days after […]

CNN displays disclaimer warning before playing national anthem; forced to react after backlash

CNN adds credence to the old saying that if you stick around long enough, you are certain to see just about everything — including a disclaimer warning that […]

Precocious 3-year-old girl hated to see Santa eating breakfast alone

With Thanksgiving still weeks away, many Americans may not be ready for Christmas. Three-year-old Gracie Lynn would be an exception. While having breakfast with her mom in […]

Man, wife and mistress convicted of cannibalism; sold pies made with bodies to neighbors

Members of a cannibalistic love triangle in Brazil have been convicted of murdering two women and making stuffed pastries with their flesh. After eating some stuffed bread pastries, Jorge Beltrao […]

New Jersey re-examining statute outlawing adults from cursing in front of kids

In another example of the kind of nanny state laws that liberals love, New Jersey is re-examining a statute outlawing adults from cursing in front of children. […]

Christian actor Kirk Cameron reacts to media attacks over stay-at-home mom praise

With President Obama setting the stage when he said being a stay-at-home-moms is “not a choice we want Americans to make,” actor Kirk Cameron found himself the […]

Pope Francis
Pope Francis invites ‘blasphemous’ singer who ‘dissed Jesus’ on SNL to perform at Vatican

The news-making pope is at it again, this time for inviting controversial punk rocker Patti Smith to perform at the Vatican Christmas concert. Known as the “Godmother […]

Fox Business anchor: CNBC silenced me from talking about Obamacare lie – you are ‘disrespecting office of president’

Fox Business Network anchor Melissa Francis said she “was silenced” from criticizing the Affordable Care Act while working at CNBC, and was told by management that she […]

Rand bill1
Bill Maher gushes over one Republican: ‘I am available to the Rand Paul campaign’

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul is quickly becoming the left’s favorite Republican, even gaining Bill Maher’s respect. Paul was a guest on Maher’s HBO show this week and […]

Heckler interrupts first-ever Muslim prayer service at Washington Cathedral; social media backs her up

A renowned Christian sanctuary welcomed Muslim worshippers on Friday for a first ever Muslim prayer ceremony, to the chagrin of many who disagreed with the idea of religious […]

Ted Cruz creates special video for Gruber: ‘Jon, please see Ted after class!’

The feisty senator from Texas knows how to play with the big boys. Ted Cruz unleashed a little light Internet entertainment Friday, and some tweeters showed him […]