Parents call ‘big bootie’ test question inappropriate with racial undertones

A North Carolina mother said she was “stunned” that a question on a high school biology test given to her child on Nov. 3 contained what she considered inappropriate language.

“LaShamanda has a heterozygous big bootie, the dominant trait,” the genetics test read. “Her man Fontavius has a small bootie which is recessive. They get married and have a baby named LaPrincess. What is the probability that LaPrincess will inherit her mama’s big bootie?”

“I was completely stunned,” the mother told WBTV. “This is not appropriate language at all for the children in the school.”

Other Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools parents agreed, calling the question “inappropriate” and “racist,” WBTV reported.

big bootieThe concerned mother, whose name was withheld by WBTV, was reportedly not happy with the first answer she received when she spoke to the teacher who assigned the test.

The teacher apologized by email “if the question offended you or your child” and explained that she did not write the question, but that it had been given to her as part of a “Summer School Biology Notebook Packet” provided to her and other teachers by CMS.

But the district told WBTV a different story.

“The worksheet does not appear to be a document created by CMS,” officials said. “The school has taken the worksheet out of circulation and requested its teachers to discontinue using it.”

Good thing. Had it remained in circulation any longer, there was always a possibility that LaShamanda’s big bootie could have broken the Internet.

Watch the WBTV report here:


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