Decorated combat pilot faces discharge after trying to stop lesbian officers from French kissing, groping

The U.S. Army was prepared to discharge a decorated combat helicopter pilot this week after he stopped two lesbian officers from kissing on a dance floor during […]

Sheila Jackson Lee
Sheila Jackson Lee gets offered matches after vowing to set herself on fire for Obama

After news broke Thursday that the White House would prevent the deportation of up to five million illegal aliens, politicians from both houses of Congress were quick […]

government shutdown
Threats of government shutdown surface if Obama acts on immigration

Some Republicans are warning that a government shutdown could be the end result if President Obama moves ahead with unilateral action to address illegal immigration. The president is threatening […]

Dems refuse to allow double amputee war vet, in a risky pregnancy, a proxy vote

The House Democratic Caucus leadership and committee member elections are next week, but not for Rep. Tammy Duckworth, D-Ill.. Duckworth is 46 and eight months pregnant, putting […]

brave ceo
CEO doesn’t flinch while an AK-47 is shot at his face

Texas Armoring Corporation showed how confident it is in its products by sitting its CEO behind a TAC bulletproof windshield and firing a dozen AK-47 rounds at […]

Heartbreaking song
Heartbreakingly beautiful video of a father singing ‘Blackbird’ to his newborn son after his wife died in childbirth

Chris Picco’s gentle song to his newborn son, sung after his wife Ashley died in an emergency C-section, will leave you in pieces. Picco’s son Lennon, delivered […]

two hit wonder
Your gratuitous violence for Friday: guy hits opponent, opponent hits ground, guy repeats with new opponent

Absolutely incredible two-hit wonder! Man fells two men with two punches. Do NOT mess with him.  

hammerhead shark kayaker
Hammerhead sharks harass kayakers; cue “Jaws” theme!

Stalking hammerhead sharks just wouldn’t leave these two kayakers alone. Even though the funny-headed creatures don’t attack humans very often, having them circle your small watercraft has […]

Elisabeth Hasselbeck returns from cancer scare to liberal haters

Why unkind viewers would spend time watching and then making rude comments about Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s return to “Fox & Friends” Friday is perplexing indeed. Hasselbeck faced a […]

Parents call ‘big bootie’ test question inappropriate with racial undertones

A North Carolina mother said she was “stunned” that a question on a high school biology test given to her child on Nov. 3 contained what she considered inappropriate language. “LaShamanda has […]

Nazi Christmas tree decorations used by the SS go on sale; spark fury

Original Nazi Christmas tree decorations evoked fury this week when a Czech Republic website listed them for sale. The “fancy” red balls with a swastika painted on them are described […]

Head of Congressional Black Caucus says racist Southern white voters caused Dems’ to lose

Some Democrats are still trying to get the license number of the truck that ran them over in last week’s midterm election, but the head of the […]