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Urban Outfitters Hillary nutcracker drives liberals nuts; ‘lighten up people’

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Urban Outfitters customers are learning what former President Bill Clinton has known all along.

Hillary can crack nuts.

The store reintroduced a Hillary Clinton nutcracker just in time for Christmas because nothing says deck the halls like the former first lady decked out in a pants suit. The hokey gift was priced at $60 before selling out online.

But liberals, as usual, are definitely not amused.

The Hillary Nutcracker is the latest in a long line of items sold by the store that have been deemed offensive by the oversensitive. Others include products like a version of monopoly called “Ghettopoly” that angered the African-American community, Navajo T-Shirts and a “Star of David” shirt just to name a few.

Hillary Nutcracker

“They don’t make ’em like this anymore. This deadstock collector’s item is only available in a limited supply,” reads the product description.

The product boasts “stainless steel thighs” and asks “Is America ready for this nutcracker” in an play on the “Ready For Hillary” social media campaign that has been ongoing for years.

This is not the first time the store has sold the nutcracker, which was originally coupled with “Corkscrew Bill,” a fantastically funny rendition of our former president with a corkscrew where his zipper is.

While some with a sense of humor might see the amusement in this, many hypersensitive types have rushed to deride the item as “sexist” on Twitter.

Some people, however, actually got it.

Carmine Sabia


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