Now, the WH pretends it barely knows the Obamacare architect who called Americans ‘stupid’

As the disgraceful news media spin continues about videos of one of the main architects of Obamacare calling American voters “stupid” and bragging about the lies that got the law passed, Fox News’ Ed Henry had a chance to ask White House spokesman Josh Earnest about it in the far-off land of Burma.

He got nothing but Obama White House stonewalling, with Earnest trying to turn the tables and accuse Republicans of doing what MIT professor Jonathan Gruber has already bragged that Democrats did do: lie to American voters about Obamacare.

Here’s Henry’s report from Burma.

Meanwhile back home, the White House turned to liberal news outlet Talking Points Media to basically call Gruber a liar and a nonentity.

“Not only do we disagree with [Gruber’s] comments, they are simply untrue,” White House spokeswoman Jessica Santillo said in a statement to Talking Points Media. The story noted that the White now maintains that Gruber wasn’t an “architect” of the law at all. Just some consultant it hired.

OK. Gruber was a consultant the White House – meaning U.S. taxpayers – paid almost $400,000 for his work on Obamacare. He was a consultant who was the subject of a 2012  profile in The New York Times headlined,  “Academic Built Case for Mandate in Health Care Law.”

He was the consultant hailed by then-Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., on the Senate floor as “one of the best outside experts” on health care during the debate over Obamacare.

You know, one of those nobodies.

Now, he’s a liar and a nobody to the Obama administration.

Because he said out loud what this White House really believes: That the American people are stupid.

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