Smoking ban
Liberal do-gooder fascism at its most vile: A town with a total ban on tobacco?

A public hearing in Westminster, a tiny town in Massachusetts, had to be shut down within minutes of starting because the crowd was so vocally opposed to […]

Obama Halo
Mourning man mocks Obama: Illegal alien killed my son, can you bring him back?

As the nation waits, anticipating President Obama’s impending imperial decree of amnesty for illegal aliens, one father, Don Rosenberg, has asked the president to do something more […]

Pelosi caught in a blatant lie about Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber

While much of the media continues to ignore MIT professor Jonathan Gruber, the architect of ObamaCare, saying the bill only passed due to the “stupidity of the […]

Demoted Harry Reid has a brainstorm: ‘Women think differently than men’

Soon-to-be Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid held a news conference Thursday to announce the expansion of his leadership team in the wake of midterm losses last week that […]

Elephant and lions
Determined young elephant defends self against 14 lions

Not sure what harrowing dangers you faced today, but this young elephant probably has both of us beat — he managed to keep himself out of the […]

Epic fail: Naming a school after Barack Obama proves to be asking for disaster

In what can only be described as karmic justice, a school in Wisconsin named for President Obama performed horribly on a report card designed to measure school […]

Kim Kardashian
Bottoms up! Kim Kardashian’s derriere is the toast of the Internet; but why?

Is there no end to Kim Kardashian’s rear end? Kim K has been trending worldwide since Wednesday for her “Paper Magazine” cover featuring her famous posterior with […]

Outrage! Gun store owner gets taught a lesson after ugly anti-vet Veterans Day rant

An Alabama gun store owner found himself on the receiving end of death threats after posting a Veterans Day rant on Facebook that accused American vets of terrorizing other […]

Jon Voight
Jon Voight calls on Americans to ‘voice their outrage’ over Obama’s executive privilege: ‘He must be stopped’

Having had enough of President Obama‘s “executive privilege,” Academy Award-winning actor Jon Voight said this week that the president “must be stopped.” Voight, a rare Hollywood conservatives, ripped Obama on a […]

Urban Outfitters Hillary nutcracker drives liberals nuts; ‘lighten up people’

Urban Outfitters customers are learning what former President Bill Clinton has known all along. Hillary can crack nuts. The store reintroduced a Hillary Clinton nutcracker just in […]

Now, the WH pretends it barely knows the Obamacare architect who called Americans ‘stupid’

As the disgraceful news media spin continues about videos of one of the main architects of Obamacare calling American voters “stupid” and bragging about the lies that […]

Dem governor pardoning his own son for felony drug conviction; must be nice

Perhaps feeling immune from the wrath of voters, outgoing Arkansas Gov. Mike Beebe plans to pardon his own son for a felony pot conviction. And the Democrat […]