Syrian child fakes sniper hit to save his sister

While still in the crosshairs, this very brave little boy played dead in order to rescue his sister, who was pinned down under sniper fire. He grabbed her hand, led her back through a barrage of bullets and ultimately delivered her to safety. This is no game for children.

Last week the BBC reported that a Norwegian filmmaker made the video and released it as real footage to fool the public.

The report reads, in part:

Lars Klevberg, a director based in Oslo, said that he wrote the dramatic script after watching news coverage of the ongoing conflict in Syria.

The 34-year-old said that he wanted to present the film as authentic in order to ‘spur debate’ and ‘spark action’ on behalf of ‘innocent children all over the world who are affected by war’.

He told the BBC that he was not uncomfortable about potentially deceiving viewers with the video – which has been watched more than 3.6million times on YouTube.

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