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Pat Sajak sets record straight about ‘storming off set’

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It’s only a game show.

But some folks seemed to have trouble keeping that in mind when talk of Pat Sajak‘s “storming” off the set of the popular “Wheel of Fortune” show he has hosted since 1981 had social media all … atwitter.


Typical of the “coverage” was this report, via YouTube, which described Sajak as “anything but” “calm and jovial” when he “finally reached his breaking point” and walked off the set following a couple of silly contestant guesses:

It was this sort of reporting that had Sajak feeling the need to set the record straight on Tuesday about what really happened:

So what was all the fuss about?

Here’s what really happened, also via YouTube:


Whatever you want to call that, it certainly wasn’t storming. It probably doesn’t even qualify as “off set.”

Funny, however, it was, as Sajak’s Twitter followers were quick to point out:

And, from the “Sad, But True” department:



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