NY City bus driver gives a fare-dodging youth the what-for; tries to throw him out bus door

Warning: Strong language

This video shows a New York City bus driver who lost his cool when a young man wanted to take a free ride on the bus. When the bus driver refused, the youth became belligerent and insulting. That verbal altercation became physical and ended with the driver pushing and wrestling with the young man.

The New York Post reported that after the 3-minute video cut out, the young man, who police identified as Kobe Vaughan, 16, of Queens, threw a garbage can at the bus and damaged the door. Vaughan was arrested and charged with misdemeanor criminal mischief.

The bus driver hasn’t been charged, but Kevin Ortiz, a Metropolitan Transportation Authority spokesman, said the incident is under investigation.The video was recorded by one of the passengers and initially posted on YouTube with the title, “Child Abused by MTA Bus Driver Q112 bus.”

Watch the video and I think you’ll agree that no one was abused in this video – but there may be something of a generational war brewing.p;

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