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Gowdy responds to ‘smoking gun’ video: ‘I can’t get past the irony to get to the arrogance’

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With controversy continuing over comments made by one of its chief architects, MIT professor Jonathan Gruber, bragging about the bill’s complexity and dismissing the “stupidity of the voter,” U.S. Rep. Troy Gowdy went on Fox News Tuesday night to slam the revelation.

“I can’t get past the irony to get to the arrogance,” said Gowdy, a South Carolina Republican appearing on Megyn Kelly’s “The Kelly File.”

“The most ‘transparent’ administration since the continents shifted had to rely on artifice and deception to pass its signature piece of legislation. You can’t make that up. He had to lie to people, and then he justified it … So I can’t even get past the irony of that to get to the arrogance of him calling our fellow citizens stupid,” Gowdy said.

“You want to see how stupid our fellow citizens are? Take a look at last Tuesday night,” Gowdy said, addressing Gruber (who probably only watches MSNBC). “Because they rejected you, this bill and this administration.”
Gowdy said American voters should remember Gruber’s words every time lawmakers or the president brings up more “comprehensive” bills, like the immigration reform proposal President Obama is trying to force Congress to pass.

“My fellow citizens have to keep in mind: Fool me once, shame on you. Ever fool me again, shame on us,” he said.

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