Conservative group’s funding pulled by Virginia Tech over illegal immigration event


A student group at Virginia Tech University had its funding axed after inviting conservative commentator Bay Buchanan to speak on campus about illegal immigration.

The Student Budget Board told the school’s Young Americans for Freedom chapter that it will not receive funding for the next two semesters because marketing efforts for the standing-room only event “violated the principles of community,” according to Fox News.

A Latino student group was offended by a flier used to advertise the event, calling it “insensitive” and a “blatant act of disrespect.”

The flier read: “Alien Invasion: How Illegal Immigration is Hurting America.”

School officials saw the flier as being politically incorrect, but Lauren McCue, who heads up the school’s YAF chapter, disagreed.

“I’ve always thought that political correctness is an invention of the left made to push conservative in a corner and give them a reason not to speak,” she said, during an appearance Wednesday on “Fox and Friends.”

McCue added that other student groups don’t seem to have similar problems.

“There are feminist organizations, Woman Space, environmental organizations, there are pro-union, anti-Israel organizations,” she continued. “I’ve never heard of them being silenced. Our classrooms, our political science departments are infiltrated with liberals. No one has brought another side, no one has tried to silence them for preaching and indoctrinating to their students.”

Watch the full interview here via Fox News:

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